Whyte Raven

Finding solutions through art.

A non-profit organization comprising artists helping artists.

Art to the rescue

This will soon be a dynamic hub for artists and cultural groups to collaborate, start promotional projects and help eachother. Watch this space!


Theater Marquee Lights

"Creativity is contagious - pass it on."

- Albert Einstein

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Candice Lela; 'LelaWalker positive films foundation'. Producer and founder.

Art Gallery
Gallery Sapere Aude
Shefali Ranthe profile.jpeg

Shefali Ranthe, curator and Artist of the Month


Founder of Whyte Raven cultural aid hands over a cheque for 10K kroner to the Village Hall chairman, from sales of the Ramløse Kalender 2021.

Sales will continue as there is a goal to raise 100K kroner to renew the floor in the meeting room of the Hall.

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