Elizabeth Wessel expresses her Art through a prism of Fashion.
The line between designing and painting is narrow. She interprets the world surrounding her with a graphic style going directly to the essentials. With a strong and precise line emanating from the rapid stylized sketches of Haute Couture, her subjects are displayed with both delicacy and vigor.
The composition of her paintings reminds one of fashion photography, a concept based on a game of lines, thus obtaining a spectacular effect at the limit of Art Deco’s pure esthetics.
She plays with acrylic, she plays with oil, fiddling, applicating and sewing splendid materials or straw and recuperated wood on her canvases, creating volumes of another dimension.
Her work is shown worldwide in both galleries and renowned art manifestations. Her paintings have been selected regularly by the Beijing International Art Biennial.
Monaco has entrusted her with their promotional campaign of Monte-Carlo, the creation of posters bringing back the great advertising tradition in the middle of the 21st century.
Elizabeth Wessel’s style is defined by an arrogant elegance nourished by her experience as a fashion designer. She cultivates a rare chic of disconcerting strength enliving it with impertinent humor.

Elizabeth Wessel