Dr Nasser Palangi (PHD Painting, hons) was born in Iran, lives and works in Australia and is a lecturer, many times published author and full time multi award winning artist.
Published works include:
"Hidden Generations" Co producer and Interviewer for the Controversial documentary about women's self-immolation in Afghanistan, (The documentary investigates some of the causes and effects of the increase of women's self-burning in Afghanistan), Centre for New Media Arts (CNMA) at ANU, Canberra, Australia. 2006.
"Methods of Subjective Design": An educational book presenting methods of developing visual Imaginations, Soroush Publishing Centre, Tehran, Iran, 2005.
"Sarable Village, Life and Landscape Drawing"
"Where is the Harem: An art book", (Saudi Arabia)

"Since the age of twelve, I have been dedicated to the pursuit of visual art. As the details of my CV will show, my contribution to the field of art has spanned many years, many countries, and many projects. My work encompasses a great variety of themes, reflecting my personal experiences of times of war, and of peace. Using a range of artistic styles, I strive to engage the viewer in the themes that are important to me, such as the importance of peace and harmony between people, and the replacement of racism by attitudes of compassion. Apart from continuing as an exhibiting artist in my own right, my role in encouraging and facilitating the artwork of others has always been important to me. Not only art students, but also members of the general public, are included in my efforts to present rewarding artistic opportunities to the various communities of which I am a member. "
- Dr Nasser Palangi

Nasser Palangi

Iranian/Australian Artist - lecturer