Samar Kamel is an Egyptian artist, curator and author known for works that examine cultural attitudes towards women and aim to transform stereotypes through vibrant depictions of the modern woman.

With over 64 international art exhibitions and art fairs across the world, Kamel has exhibited in China, Oxford, Amsterdam , Barcelona, Tokyo, Oman, Egypt, USA, Venice, Brazil, and all over the UAE. Her work is part of the permanent collection of the Bursa Museum of Immigration History, Turkey.

A skilled artist, Kamel indulges her passion for painting by exploring different media (oil, acrylic, nail polish, tea bags, ink transfer) and traditional techniques as brush work, impasto, cross hatching, and collage. Having acquired her curatorial certification from the Sotheby’s Institue of Art, Kamel has been assigned recently as World Art Dubai curator for the year 2019. She has also undertaken several curatorial projects in her home country of Egypt as well as in the UAE, where she lives and works.

Samar Kamel