Dr Sanjeev Kumar is a professor of Fine Art specializing in sculpture. He has won gold medals twice and achieved many awards and first prizes at exhibitions throughout India. His work has been presented in exhibitions as far afield as Bangladesh, Nigeria, Thailand, Italy, Russia and New York, to name a few. These pointalism/stippled sketches are preparation for sculpture - each one can be made to order.

"I was born in a family of farmers in Baghpat, but brought up and educated in Delhi where my father was a teacher. No-one appreciated the Arts in my family, as everyone had science backgrounds and initially I was a student of economics. But I left the college after one year and entered the College of Art in Delhi in 1990 where I met my guru, Prof. Biman B Das, who is the real force behind my entire journey to date. My favourite media are stone and bronze and I love to work on mythological themes.
Art has always brought about changes in my life and personality. I feel I am more emotional, empathetic, helpful and thoughtful because of it. I aspire to become like my Guru, he was the perfect teacher, great scultptor and a beautiful person."

Sanjeev Kumar

Chandigarh, India