Awakening the Goddess

Poem of Skadi and Njord, image kindly loaned by Yumi Mei

"Was it you?

Did you find me

In my loneliness?

Did you bundle me in furs

and fly me away,

Over the frozen sea

Into the night mountains?

Did we lie together

Naked on a hilltop

Safe in a hollow

Beneath the fur

In the secret dark

Where the wind came rushing

Down from the snow

Rushing over us

Hurtling gems of ice

Above us as we lay


Voices cried in that wind

But they did not touch us

And did the chill sky

Press close

So close we could touch it

Did the ice of that night

Give fire to our yearning

Was that you, that held me fiercely

And gazed into my universal soul

So gently.

Was it you who opened me, with




The ice, the fire,


Ice without, and fire within

All around the harmonics rang

And destiny chanted

To the tune of the night

And we danced

Beneath the fur

In the secret dark

Thighs gripped

Flames rose

The dance pounded

And pounded and pounded

Still the harmonics rang

With a high pure crystal note

Deep in the ice

Drums sounded


and hard

faster and faster

until muscles pinged

until light ripped the sky in two

and with a mighty scream

the ice cracked asunder

releasing soft sea foam

washing salt


like a gentle tide

running over

washing away

You looked at me through your hair

And laughed softly

And thus,

I was awakened."

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